TR is a networking meeting that targets a selection of artistic and proficient people at reserved time and zone, in order to spread and initiate the spirit of creativity and entrepreneur disciplines. The series of these meetings began at the “American University of Sharjah” in UAE 2009, those meetings evolved year after year to include eminent persons from diverse sectors
The American University in Sharjah (AUS) every year organize an “Alumni Reunion Dinner”, the value of such an event is to interconnect between (AUS) colleague and alumni, All in the presence of his personal sovereign the Ruler of Sharjah, “Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi During dinner we blend with our old colleagues. Unfortunately the dinner last for few hours without merging with each other and getting closely to know about the details of their academic and professional lives, what they’ve accomplished or what goal are they attempting to propose in the coming period. From here “Talent Reunion” concept started to put forward the idea that we all should meet on another day of the Alumni Reunion Dinner at suitable and creative place
A suitable place means a place with a wide enough space for thirty or more people to sit comfortably, equipped with supportive tool as a display device (projector) to create an atmosphere and facilitate everyone to talk about their functional hierarchy and share their experiences with their colleagues. Creative place means a place with a broad technical features that allow attendee to demobilize more ideas within their own and raise their spectrum of innovation, adding to this a suggestive help is being made by individual on planning for a more resourceful and visionary presentations in the upcoming meeting.

During past years gathering of Talent Reunion were held in UAE at “Maraya” center Al Qasba in Sharjah for three years in a row, it’s a beautiful place, all the thanks and appreciation for everything they have done for us. In KSA this year the talent met at “The Venue” center at Tujjar Jeddah district located in the commercial Tahlia Street. In coming to our meetings, we will have many surprises in the selection of venues. The place is an essential part of harnessing the perfect atmosphere to attend the meetings

“Talent Reunion” is a concept, not a place, it is a meeting aimed to introduce talent to each other wherever they are, whatever they are. What distinguishes these meetings is the content that we’re working hard in developing and presenting it in a modern outstanding format. In general meetings accommodates game to ease “Networking”, viable exercises to “Brainstorm” publish creative ideas. Today Talent Reunion is held in UAE & KSA. We are striving hard and aiming to preach Globalization in the next few years

About Us

Talent Reunion is a networking group to empower talents. Meetup after meetup after meetup, till the major meetup takes place. We aim to create a humanitarian network from talented individuals and highly smart in social intelligence.

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