Wednesday (Sep 17, 2014)
Talent Reunion has chosen a unique theme for this month lifestyle networking session. Session was titled “Health Care Innovation”. The theme was inspired by, Mr. Islam Yousuf, an old member of talent group who quit his job and opened an international business company specialized in Health Care Communication. Company is “The Tipping Point”; named by the famous book published with the author Malcolm Gladwell. The field this company operates on is very distinguished by itself; it manages all internal and external communication within Health Care industry through print, digital, and multimedia material.
The Tipping Point has a well-arranged office in Jeddah City. Several professionals (11 talents) gathered around meeting table to attend the session. Talent Reunion usually starts by an introduction. Every attendee is expected to mention name, job, and future goal related to the monthly theme. Talents expressed their concerns within Health Care industry. They have discussed topics such as: Public Awareness, Disease Prevention, Commercial Medication, Ethical Communication.. and other topics. Mr. Islam has done a great job sharing his work experience in Saudi Arabia and UAE for Talent audience. It was the first time where audience got exposed to such field where campaigns work start from the scratch: What message needed to deliver and how to deliver it? Who is the target audience? And so on. As a gift, Mr. Islam will grant Talent Reunion 3 original copies form “The Tipping Point” book, signed from Malcolm Gladwell himself. And a promise for 3 chairs in his future talk in Dubai next June.
Talent Reunion is a lifestyle networking platform. Talent Reunion nominates various talents after sending out invitations and making referral connections. Reunions are family-oriented where people gather in a healthy environment sharing thoughts and experiences. Reunions have lifestyle-oriented themes. They range between Sports, Shopping, Travel, Coffee and Chocolate to many others. Topics are excuse for collecting different talents and different venue to gather on every reunion. End vision is to establish a collective talents community from East and West to sharpen culture, social and professional aspects in people. Talent Reunion has creative minds. We think that our talents love us. Visit our website: or email us at

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